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Jordan (Arabic: الأردنّ‎) is a Middle Eastern country located in Western Asia, bordered by north of Syria, east of Iraq, southeast to Saudi Arabia, and west of Israel and Palestine. The capital, Amman is the most populous city in Jordan and the center of economy, politics, and culture. Jordan is a country dominated by Islam, about 93% of the population are Arabs, and other ethnic groups include Caucasians, Greeks, etc.


Hantec Markets Limited Jordan 

Hantec Markets Limited Jordan is located in Amman, the capital of Jordan. Amman is an important business center, financial center and transportation center in the Middle East. Companies all over the world have set up their middle east’s headquarters in Amman. Therefore, Hantec Markets Limited Jordan also chose to set up in Amman.

Jordan's Capital: Amman

Amman is a famous ancient city in West Asia with a long history and is divided into two parts: the old city and the new city. The old city is full of strong Arabian atmosphere, and there are many relics of the Roman Empire, such as the Colosseum, the amphitheater, and the palace. Most of the new urban areas are villa-style buildings, including gymnasiums, cultural palaces, memorial halls, etc. These modern buildings with novel designs make this ancient city look young and lively.

Amman Featured Attractions

Rainbow Street is in Amman New City, about 12 minutes' drive from Hantec Markets Limited Jordan. Rainbow Street is very popular with local young people and young tourists, and there are many cafes and restaurants on both sides of the street. Compared with the old town full of rich history, the atmosphere of Rainbow Street will be more relaxed. Since Jordan is an Islamic country, drinking and making loud noises are not allowed. Most people listen to music, chat, and smoke hookahs in the group.

Amman, the capital of Jordan, has a long history. It was conquered by the Roman Empire and ruled by the Romans for 300 years. Therefore, most of the cultural relics in Amman can be traced back to the Roman era, including the ancient Roman theater. The ancient Roman theater is in the old city of Amman. It was built in the 2nd century AD. The whole building lies on the mountain and can accommodate 6,000 people. The theater is circular, and the builders made full use of acoustic principles during the construction process. No matter where you sit in the theater, the voices of singing, reciting, and speech on the stage can be heard clearly. The ancient Roman theater is not only a major tourist attraction in Amman, but also an important venue for cultural and artistic activities.

Jordanian Museum of Popular Traditions is located next to the Roman Theater, east of the Roman Theater in Amman. This museum was built to collect Jordanian and Palestinian intangible cultural heritage throughout Jordan, and to protect, transmit and present it to the world. The museum consists of five exhibition halls: the East Bank traditional costume hall, the traditional jewelry and makeup of the East and West Bank regions, the Palestinian traditional costumes, the West Bank pottery and woodware, and the wedding silver ornaments.

Amman Citadel is the historical site of Abbas Amon Kingdom. The ancient ruins of Amman Citadel mainly include Umayyad Palace and stone pillars. Although the Umayyad Palace has experienced more than 1,300 years, the remaining buildings can still show the style of Arabic architecture at that time. There is also a History Museum on Amman Citadel which displays historical relics excavated all over Jordan, such as stone knives and stone axes from the Paleolithic era excavated in the Jordan Valley. It has a history of more than 100,000 years and is the earliest extant cultural relic in Jordan.

Lost City: Petra

Petra, has been rated as one of the New Seven Wonders in recent years, is a famous ancient city site in Jordan. It is located 250 kilometers south of Amman, Jordan. It was an important trading center in ancient times. Most of the buildings are carved and hewn out of the rock, in Eastern traditions and Greek styles. 

The only entrance to Petra is a narrow gorge, which is about 7 meters at its widest point and only a horse-drawn carriage can pass through, with a total length of about 1.5 kilometers. Entering the canyon, the tunnel is twisty, steep and deep, and the rocks on the cliff become smooth under the long-term washed by wind and rain, look like a knife sharpen cliff. 

Jordanian Specialty Cuisine

The staple food of Jordanians is bread and tortillas, and they especially like to eat flatbread with meat. They often eat beef and mutton, and often drink sour milk and tea. In Jordan, most restaurants will serve appetizers first. Since the appetizers are very rich, many people do not order the main meal, so the waiter will only ask if they want to order after eating the appetizers.

Appetizers: Pita bread

Pita bread, also known as pocket bread, is one of the appetizers in Jordan and originated in the Arab countries of the Middle East. The shape is like a "pocket". After the flaky dough is baked at high temperature, it expands into a hollow flying saucer in an instant, and it is cut longitudinally from the middle to become two pocket-shaped bread, which can be stuffed into any ingredients and dishes, and it becomes delicious stuffed bread.

National Dish:Mansaf

Mansaf is the national dish of Jordan, which is the sincerest dish for Jordanians to entertain guests at banquets. The traditional way of eating is to put the mutton pieces on the rice, then drizzle the yogurt sauce, knead the rice and mutton into small balls with the right hand, and put them into the mouth. The star of the dish is a dried goat milk yogurt called Jameed. Jameed's traditional practice is to first make goat milk into yogurt, separate out the cream, filter out the yogurt water, add salt, knead it into balls and dry it in the sun for easy preservation.

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Hantec Markets Limited Jordan Address:1654 Mecca Street, Suite 502, Amman, Amman, JO

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