2021 Activity Review

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Hantec Group continues to implement high-quality corporate governance and insists on fulfilling corporate social responsibilities under the epidemic.


1. Business Development & Promotion

With a footprint in 19 cities, Hantec Finance is moving towards the goal of a diversified international financial enterprise and is further expanding the Southeast Asia and Africa markets. Facing the global market, Hantec Group continues to grow with long-term development and is determined to keep exploring the new area.

♦ Dr. Gordon Tsui retired from Hantec Group Chairman. CEO Freddy Lau will continue to lead the continuous development of the Group, hoping to reach the new high.

♦ Mr. Tang Yu Lap, Honorary Chairman received the "Honorary Citizen of Xi'an" certificate from the mayor of Xi'an, for his contributions to the economic and social development of Xi'an, especially on the public welfare and education.

♦ Mr. Tang had a cordial meeting with the leaders in Putian, Fujian to have an in-depth understanding of the development of the local economy and culture.

♦ Mr. Tang was invited to attend the “Seminar on Cooperation between Shaanxi and Foreign-funded Enterprises in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” to exchange opinions on promoting comprehensive cooperation between Shaanxi Province and foreign-funded enterprises in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

♦ After the approval of the civil affairs department of the government, the public security agency officially awarded the license for “Hantec Road” and incorporated it into the map, named “No. 1 Hantec Road”

♦ Hantec Group attaches great weight to IT. Being invited by Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA), we attended the Asia Smart App Awards 2021 Kick-off Ceremony cum Smart App Seminar.


2. Corporate Social Responsibility

Hantec Group always keeps fulfilling social corporate responsibilities and we have participated in lots of charity work actively.

♦ In order to raise relief funds for the tragedy caused by torrential rain in Henan province, our Honorary Chairman Mr. Tang organized the charity pre-sale of his new photography portfolio. The relief funds have been fully donated for the post-disaster reconstruction.

♦ In order to help poor villages in the mainland, Hantec Group donated an excavator to Xiyuanyu Village, Huaxu Town, Lantian County in Bangfu Village to support rural farming and other development needs. The signing ceremony for the renewal of the excavator lease contract 2021 had been held.

♦ The voluntary team of Hantec (Yangzhou) Water Supply Company Limited had brought some supplies to elderly home in Daqiao Town for 14 consecutive years.

♦ The Group cooperates with the United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service - Good Neighbour Network. We invited our colleagues to participate in voluntary service by making sachets to show care and love to the disadvantaged groups.


3. Awards

We have been awarded by many institutions, commending in outstanding performance in finance and different types of social responsibility projects.

♦ 《HKEJ》SME Partner Awards of Excellence - Excellent Financing and Investment Management (3 consecutive years)

♦ Caring Company (14 consecutive years)

♦ Green Management Award - Service Provider (SME) – Bronze (11 consecutive years)

♦ Good MPF Award (3 consecutive years)

♦ Happiness-at-work Award (3 consecutive years)

4. Culture & Creatives

Hantec Group provides opportunities for cultural and arts exchange to nourish the soul under the epidemic.

Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition

♦ Tsi Ya Chai organized the「温潤如玉」Jade Collection Exhibition to display collections of Burmese jade, green jade and stones, leading the audience to learn about various jade stones from multiple angles such as art, life and aesthetics.

♦ Tsi Ya Chai organized the《香港畫家作品聯展》and selected the artwork from 歐陽乃霑、林湖奎、鄭家鎮with different themes and styles to show the diversity of Hong Kong's calligraphy and painting.

♦ Tsi Ya Chai organized the Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition -「蘇社欽書法展」 to display the Diamond Sutra transcribed in Chinese calligraphy by Mr. Su.

♦ Tsi Ya Chai and集雅之友 co-organized《三百硯齋主人周小林 ─ 詩書畫硯特展》to exhibit the inkstone craftsmanship and the collections.

Photography Exhibition

♦ Mr. Tang Yu Lap, Honorary Chairman of Hantec Group organized new book signing session of《老玩童遊柬埔寨》in Hong Kong and Beijing. To let the participants to experience the ancient customs and modern development of Cambodia. He had a sharing session to introduce the mysterious and attractive parts of Cambodia.

♦ Mr. Tang launched《揚州印象》new book conference in Shanghai and Hangzhou. This provides us with the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful landscape of this historic city - Yangzhou through the book. 

♦ Mr. Tang organized the photo exhibition《悠遊300天》in Beijing and Hangzhou. He had been trapped outside Hong Kong for more than 300 days due to the outbreak of the epidemic last year. He wishes to share the new scene of different places during the epidemic through his lens in the photo exhibition.

♦ Mr. Tang launched the press conference of the photo exhibition《疫行300天》at Hong Kong Cultural Centre and shared his intention of creating this photo album and his thoughts during the photo-shooting. Many participants were resonated with the theme.


5. Employee Activity

Not only the physical and mental health, Hantec Group also very much care about employees’ personal development and the long-term development of the Group, we try to provide a better working environment for employees.

♦ We organized team building through a series of games and discussion sessions. This helps employees to understand each other, also their strengths and weaknesses, so as to enhance team morale and communication, and promote better teamwork.

♦ In order to strengthen internal communication and appreciated employee’s contributions, we specially arranged a day trip to the Ocean Park and also invited their relatives and friends to join.

♦ Delivering red packets to share joy and blessing to the employee, is also one of the traditional customs of Hantec Group in the lunar new year.  

♦ We also arranged a Christmas party and lucky draw for our employees to celebrate the joyous Christmas.

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Dr. Gordon Tsui retired from Hantec Group Chairman. CEO Freddy Lau will continue to lead the continuous development of the Group, hoping to reach the new high.

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