"Yangzhou Impression" New Book Conference (Shanghai Station) was held successfully

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“天下三分明月夜,二分無賴是揚州” - Poem from Xu Ning described Yangzhou as a place that contains the 2/3 of the beautiful scene of moonlight in the world. You can also find the imagination pictures of Jiangnan in this city. On August 20, 2021, the founder of Hantec Group, Mr Tang Yu Lap launched his new book: "Impression of Yangzhou" at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai. This historic city - Yangzhou is having a difficult time right now due to the epidemic. Let us cheer for them by appreciating its beautiful landscape through the book.  

The book "Impression of Yangzhou" is the result of years of brewing by Mr Tang. It records how a foreigner builds his relationship with Yangzhou, and Mr Tang expresses his affection and feeling to Yangzhou through his book. 

Mr Tang invested in the waterworks project of the Yangzhou Jiangdu municipal during the Yangzhou Enterprise Shareholding Reform in 2006, and he has connected to here since then. From the beginning, it was just some of the business travel between Hong Kong and Yangzhou. Gradually, he was attracted by its local culture. And years by years, Mr Tang has already travelled through the streets and alleys of Yangzhou City. 

Today, Yangzhou, a small town with a long history, is being attacked by the epidemic. We are not able to go to Yangzhou to appreciate the elegance of the Slender West Lake and the exquisiteness of the gardens at this moment. But we still wishing Yangzhou could overcome the difficulties very soon. Look forward to visiting Gangling and enjoying the beautiful scenery again after the epidemic is over!

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