Since 1990, Hantec Group provides multi-dimention services to customers all over the world.
About us

Hantec Group, founded in 1990, is a multinational finance house based in Hong Kong, which provides professional financial services to customers all over the world. Hantec group also develops a series of non-financial businesses, including I.T., Culture & Art and Life which turns Hantec into a comprehensive corporation. Hantec has extended its network from Great China to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe and the Middle East. Branches can be found worldwide in 18 cities and 14 countries. 

The Group is authorized by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Japan Financial Services Agency and UK Financial Conduct Authority to provide financial services. This includes leveraged foreign exchange, bullion and derivatives trading services. As a customer-oriented company, the Group’s professional team has expertise in different aspects including banking, securities, capital market, bullion trading, commodity futures and wealth management, using advanced analytical software to offer quality financial services for corporate institutions.

In the local market, the Group focuses on bullion trading business. Hantec Bullion Limited (HBL) is a member of the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (Membership No. 163). HBL is the CGSE recognized e-trading member and a user of the service of transaction code by CGSE to ensure the fairness and transparency of the transaction price. HBL is the pioneer of the industry. In order to diversify and enhance the further development of the precious metals business, the Group established Ringus Solution Enterprise Limited to focus on the development of our own trading systems and smart phone application. Our systems are aiming to provide extra high quality service to our customers by prompt responses to clients’ need and foundational technical backup, thus ensuring a safe and stable transaction platform.

Apart from the provision of financial services, our group also explores business leveraging synergies across Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. Capitalizing on diversity, the group has moved into golden ornaments, technological exchange, water plant and different kind of consultation services.